> Adding Line Items to Regular Invoice Vouchers

Follow these steps to add line items to regular invoice voucher.

  1. Open the Invoices form (PMINVO).

  2. Query for the voucher for which to add lines.

  3. Click the Lines tab. Datastream 7i displays the Lines page.

  4. Line—Enter a line number. The default numbering is 1, 2, 3, etc.

  5. Purchase order—Click to select the purchase order and line number to invoice. Datastream 7i displays the Purchase order lines form (PLPOLN) and all the non-invoiced, approved purchase order lines for the supplier entered on the Record view page. The Purchase order lines form includes lines for both parts and services. Therefore, Quantity equals either the number of parts ordered or the number of hours required; Price displays the unit price for parts or the hourly rate for services.

  6. Update Quantity and Price as necessary.

  7. Attach—Select to create an invoice line from the purchase order line. To create invoice lines from all purchase order lines, click Select all.

  8. Click Attach to invoice to create the invoice lines. Datastream 7i creates the invoice lines and returns to the Lines page of the Invoices form.

  9. Tax code 1 and Tax code 2—Click to select any additional taxes to apply to the line. Datastream 7i adds the tax charges to the total for the invoice line and displays the updated totals in Tax amount and Line total.

   Click Assign GL codes to distribute line costs across GL codes used with BAIM integration. Lines are distributed as percentages and must equal 100.

  1. Click Match to simulate the voucher match process without actually changing the status of the header. This action verifies the following information:

  1. Choose File | Save from the menu bar. Datastream 7i updates the voucher header and selects Invoiced on the Purchase order header.

If the voucher is complete (all goods have been rendered and no other fees are outstanding), return to the Record view page and update the voucher status from Unfinished to Matched/completed.