User Help


    1. How far back does the database go?
    Publications in PuSH go back to 2008 when both HFIR and SNS facilities had active user programs.

    2. Can I submit publications not related to an instrument?
    Yes, select “Other” at the bottom of the instrument list in the submission form.

    3. What if I find an error in your data?
    Submit your feedback through the form on the “Help” page. We’ll make sure the data is corrected.

    4. How long before my publication submission appears in PuSH?
    We process your submission within 2-3 business days. If there is a question or problem with the submitted publication, we will contact you.

    Contact Us

    Another way to provide us your feedback, ask a question, or report an error, is to contact PuSH Administrator Rohit Srivastava , Neutron Sciences User Office.
    Your feedback is very important to us!
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